For the Passengers

Your personnel tour through Namibia is like I just said, "PERSONNEL". There is nothing that can ruin a holiday more than scheduled times. A personalized safari gives you more freedom and more time to do whatever you want to do.

Eagle Eye Aviation offers specialized fly-in safaris in the whole Namibia. From wonders of the Fishriver Canyon to the Rocky Mountains of Damaraland, the Etosha National Park and all the way to the North to the Caprivi. Lodges and accommodation are chosen according to your budget to make sure that you are not overpriced. 

Fly-in Safaris are a great way to explore the country in a short period of time. Nothing can spoil your dream holiday more than 4 - 5 hour trip in a car, when you could have done it in 1 hour in your own aeroplane.   

Eagle Eye Aviation will organize everything from your pickup at Windhoek International Airport, transfers too and from Lodges, activities during the day, meals all the way to the drop off again. Leaving you with nothing more to do than relax!! 

The Tour

For the Scenic Flights we only allow small luggage like cameras, handbags and jackets for a comfortable flight. For the safaris we don't allow more than 15 kg luggage per person, also depending on the amount of people joining the tour. And please pack your luggage in a soft bag! Letting your pilot struggle to get a hard suitcase into a Cessna 210 is very hard work and most of the times it does not fit. 

When booking a tour (Scenic or Safari) please make sure that your agent has your full names and weights. We as pilots do not discriminate so don't feel bad. We only need your weight for planning purposes. There is weight limitations on all aircraft and to make life easier for the Company and the Pilot please make sure to give your agent all necessary details.

In Flight

The Cessna 210 is a 6 seats high performance and high wing aircraft. All seats have a window seat to ensure no abstractions while taking your pictures. Bottled water is normally served on board and the views will be your in-flight entertainment. Eagle Eye Aviation offers in flight commentary on all points of interest. 

The Cessna 210 is a lightweight aircraft so some slight turbulence can be expected. Please keep your safety belts on for the duration of the flight and do not get out of your seat. This is for your own safety and your accompanied guests.

Why Fly!

Namibia is big and vast country and the only difference between flying and driving is your time.

90% of all lodges in Namibia is accessible by plane. So look no further - we can get you there! 

Scenic Flights

Eagle Eye Aviation offer a variety of Scenic Flights around the coastal town of Swakopmund. Being one of the major, and closest towns to the Namib Desert, Swakopmund is the perfect place to do a Scenic flight if you do not have any activities planned for the day.

One of the most popular and definitely the most vast attraction is the Standard Sossusvlei Scenic flight. Being approximately 2 hours 15 minutes, the Sossusvlei Scenic flight takes you to the south of Swakopmund to the Kuiseb river that acts as a natural border between the Namib Desert and the rest of Namibia. From the the flight takes you all the way to Sossusvlei where the BIG DADDY, BIG MOMMA, and the DEADVLEI are best vissible from the Aircraft.

From Sossusvlei the flight goes West towards the coastline, where we find the abandoned Diamond Camps. Abandoned since 1909, the Diamond Camps are still visible with ox wagons and huts almost destroyed by strong desert winds. From the Diamond Camps we reach the coastline and also the first shipwreck, the infamous EDWARD BOHLEN. The ship was wrecked in early 1903 and now lies about 500 meters from the coastline. As we route north we see the next shipwreck called the Shawnee (est. 1974).

Next we reach Sandwich Harbour. a Natural breeding ground for some the most beautiful birds in Namibia. Sandwich Harbour was declared a bird sanctuary and also the reason why we are not allowed to fly lower than 1500 feet straight over this point. Routing towards Swakopmund we lastly find the Walvis Bay Harbour which is the main Harbour of Namibia.

 Edward Bohlen

 Kuiseb Canyon

 Coast Line (Long Wall)

 Namib Desert



Coast Line